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With the new UF-... system from JTS, the user is able to utilise a particularly wide frequency range. Thus, it allows to easily adapt the transmitter and receiver to local conditions. The wide frequency range allows for a professional parallel operation of several systems, allows for a transmitting power of up to 50mW and ensures an interference-free use due to broadband Internet.

UHF PLL pocket transmitter with lavalier microphone

A reliable partner with professional features for wireless audio transmissions. Due to the innovative REMOSET technology, it is possible to easily adjust the transmission frequency via the receiver UF-10R/12, also over a greater distance.

Convincing features: sensitivity adjustment (-18 dB to +12 dB), lock function, 5-level display of battery status and low battery indication as well as a backlit LCD.

Voice transmissions, presentations and discussions can easily be realised with the supplied lavalier microphone CM-501.
All instrument microphones of the CX series and the headband/lavalier microphones of the CX or CM series can be operated at the UF-10TB/12.

Licence required for this system in the EU!

Please read the notes regarding wireless systems in the section "IMPORTANT INFORMATION"!

EVENT Rookie 01/2014

"All in all, the UF-10 from JTS is an excellent choice for users who value wideband wireless systems with a sophisticated technology and a reasonable price-performance ratio but who tolerate a lower mechanical stability compared with other much more expensive devices. Although this system requires a licence because of its frequency range, it should still be a reliable investment in future wireless equipment, even beyond the year 2015. With regard to the sound, the UF-10TH/12 is a good dynamic microphone with excellent close-talking characteristics. The headset CM-804/F is of omnidirectional characteristic and features a well-balanced sound without too many peaks in the high frequency range. The pocket transmitter UF-10TB/10 is additionally supplied with the unidirectional lavalier microphone CM-501 which allows you to immediately start with voice transmissions."

Технические характеристики
Audio frequency range 50-16,500  Hz
Carrier frequency range 624-694  MHz
Connections 4-pole mini XLR
Dimensions 64x180x30  mm
Frequency stability ±0.005  %
Operating time > 10  h
Power supply 2 x batt. AA size
Transmitting power 10 mW
Weight 130  g